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The connection, witchcraft, the new age movement what religion stole from spirituality witchcraft and shamanism well let's just take a look look at the title of this video there is an ink yes that little cross thing that comes from their religion that is older than all the religions that is the symbol from ancient Egypt that has been used to demonstrate certain abilities that the holders have or this is the current Codex of this symbol anyway. So do you not think that religions own any stars or crosses just as the swastika is a very very ancient symbol actually older than Hinduism itself which is the oldest religion around. Understand dogma and most things that you have been told are actually probably not true think that we cannot even whilst we can theorise what gravity is we do not actually know that the dogmatic definition of gravity is correct and it could be based on another definition of an electric universe for example there is no proof one way or the other. What do we do know is that if you live by someone else's rules you are not actually living your life and we could say that you are living your life backwards by not following your true path but you are following someone else's dogmatic belief imprinted into your system and yes if you wish to talk about the duality of things then of course you just have to spell live backwards and if you spell live backwards and you believe in this System of duality then you may find offensive and what I say here however if you understand spirituality and witchcraft you understand the duality is but creation of humanity. For we say killing is bad yet in this world there are many wars we do not stop, we slaughter animals by the tens of thousands each day think nothing of it and we murder animals and plants in forests also we can have wood paper and things are like so if you think that killing is evil then what does that make you? Understand but I am not saying what is many will jump to the conclusion of and miss read this for what I have said is this only happens if you attach yourself to the duality of good and bad positive and negative because remember it is not the positive irons that are good for us but the negative irons that are good for us it is the negative electrons that give us electricity not the protons so just be aware and open.

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