Cute and funny baby monkeys playing

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Watch this video of these two cute and funny baby monkeys wrestling with each other and running away from mom like humans do! Hilarious reaction
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I wanna be like you-oo-oo! This is the hilarious footage of chimps having a 'dance off' with what they believe is a rival group - but they've actually just spotted themselves in the mirror.

Wildlife experts Anne-Marie and Xavier Hubert-Brierre installed a series of mirror deep in the Nyonie forest, in Gabon, to monitor the reactions of animals to seeing themselves for the first time.

But they were stunned when they collected secretly filmed footage and spotted a group of chimpanzees having a dance off with their reflections.

The animals visited the mirrors more than 50 times - caught on film by motion-triggered cameras - and started off by quietly observing themselves in the enormous mirrors.
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Xavier said: "Some of the chimps quietly observe their reflection, but the younger, more immature animals start to scream and shout.
To help you understand better about all monkey Thank you for interest
##Amber group##
- Donkey lost power
- Kingkong become new king monkey of Amber
- Teresa is very old pigtail monkey and kindness, she had one daughter Briana
- Briana mother monkey of Briget (F) and Bronco(M)
- Bonita mother monkey of Anita (F) and miscarriage baby this year
- Rocky is a young male monkey got abandon by his owner early of August but can’t join Amber Group yet. Rocky is living and make friend with Chimo.
- Nero big male monkey just join the group
- Vinnie is a big male monkey with one eat cut
- Eugene is old king lost power but many babies and female monkeys love him
-Aesop big male and strong monkey rule as assistant of Donkey
- Daisy has become an Alpha female in Amber recently, she had daughter April miscarriage baby one time and Rey (M)
-April has one son name Rain but has been missing and one daughter Spring (F)
-Queen used to be an Alpha female monkey but now she lost her position to Daisy. Queen had daughter Duchess Princess (F) and Solo (M)
-Violet mother monkey of Lily (F) and Loni (M)
-Diamond mother monkey of Amy (F) and Nanda (F)
-Gladdis mother monkey of Blacky Daniel (missing), Elvis(M) and Stoney (M)
- June old mother monkey of Selly (F)
- Selly mother monkey of Dara (missing), Vivi(missing)and Vino(M)
-Mona mother monkey of Luna (F)
-Jade mother monkey of Amber (F) and Micah(M)
-Jane mother monkey of Tarzanna (F) and now she is carrying one more baby (pregnant)
-Rossa mother monkey of Red (M) but he dead by accident
-Scarlet mother monkey of Rojo (M) and Sean(M)
-Elsa mother monkey of Angel (F) and Kelly(M)
-Butter mother monkey Buttercup(missing) and Belina(F)
- Cara is female Pigtail monkey no children, but she love to take care all babies. She has adopted baby Bellina and Kelly.
+ Invader group
+ Loki is the leader; he is very strong and charming as well. Most of the baby of Amber Group loves him.
+ Rollroyce is young male monkey help Loki
+ Mak is big male monkey and strong

##Amari Group##

-Achap has become the new King of Amari Group after King Brutus died
-Marcus is big male assistant in group
-Dolly has become an Alpha female instead of Amari, she had two daughter DeeDee and Sweetie
-Maria mother monkey of Kari(F) and Aiden (M)
-Popeye is a mother monkey with one eye. She had two son Olive(missing), Sweetpea (M) and one daughter Polly (dead by accident)
-Jill is daughter of Amari, she have one son Brutus Jr
-Merry is old female monkey with one hand cut,she had one son Joey and daughter Sherry
-Dana is young female mother monkey just had only one son Donny
-Tima is very old female monkey, she had one daughter heather (dead by accident) and one son Timo
- Lucy is very old female monkey
-Ashley is pigtail monkey, she is very lovely and helps all baby
-Felix is a big male monkey with big belly
-Caesar is a big male monkey has small eye one now he left group and try to join Amber group because he hate Achap.
-Chimo is a big male monkey has long face now he decide left group and try to join Amber Group. Now still living outside with other invader
-Amari is an Alpha female monkey had one daughter Jill, Jace (missing), Jack(M), and Lori (F). Now Amari and Lori are staying in Phnom Tamao Rescue Center
in Amari group
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