How to Feed Baby Parrot in Hindi || Tutu talking Parrots || Tutu's Vlog #41

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Hand Feeding Food details
Petslife Hand Feeding Formula:
Hand Feeding Syringe:
Hello Friends,
This video is about How to Feed Baby Parrot. medicine, how to care, everything explained.
Dipa R Kitchen:
SR Studio:
○ Alexander Baby Parrot Growth Day by Day
○ Baby Parrot Talking
○ Parrot Homemade Food - Hand Feeding
○ How to Train and Care Baby Parrot
○ Trained talking Parrot
Always follow the doctor's advice
Baby Bird Medicine :
1. Neopeptine drops for babies.
2. Himalaya Bonnisan drops.
3. Nor Metrogyl Suspension.
Adult Bird Medicine:
1. Vita-Boost:
2. Heat Stress:
3. Combo Pack:
Tutu's Daily Routine || Tutu Talking Parrots
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