If I put newborn and adult monkey on the cage, what will happen?

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If new born monkeys and adult monkeys are put in a cage, what will happen?

Pimpim monkey and pimpim _mi are in one cage, see what will happen? Will the two of them fight or just play? Pimpim monkeys do not like being in cages, only for a moment he sulks and screams to get out. Unlike the pimpim _mi monkeys who enjoy the atmosphere in the cage. Because he was just learning to climb and walk so he seemed happy, but he didn't seem to like it when the pimpim bothered him. Pimpim monkey playing, cute monkey, monkey playing in cage, monkey just born, cute monkey in cage, baby monuet cute behavior, monkey cute, newborn monkey babies, newborn baby monkey, cute baby monkey, adorable baby monkey, funny monkey pimpim, baby monkey pimpim playing, spoiled baby monkey pimpim, monkey on cage, baby monkey pimpim playing on cage, baby monkey pimpim playing,
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