Looks funny monkey Jane sleeping during her breaktime

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Looks funny monkey Jane sleeping during her breaktime
Dear all beloved subscribers and viewers,

How are you? I hope you're doing great.
I'd like to share some experiences through this channel that I have been working
over three years of filming monkeys and I notice some main points
of monkey living like this:
1.What monkey usually do in the morning:

Monkeys are kind of early animals that always get up every early in the morning in order to forage
for their kids and themselves and a group of monkeys there is only one leader or alpha (one male and female)
to control or lead their group every day.The monkey don't have exact time to get up it depends on the weather in each
season but I can say that they might get up at around 5:30-6:30AM.

2.What monkeys usually do in the afternoon:
Monkeys also have lunch like human beings.They generally take a rest after they finish their lunch.
Most of the monkeys take a break on the high trees but some stay on direct ground with their tiny new babies. They're so careful
and go up the tree as fast as they hear King or other monkeys make sound to warn that some bad animals such as dogs,cows
,elephants or pigs etc. coming towards to where they are. Moms usually suckle their babies on the trees.

3.What monkeys do in the evening time:
After walking to find their food monkeys always listen to their leader inform that it is time to go to sleep
so all monkeys walk to the tree where the leader told them that is a safe tree to sleep.The monkeys go to sleep at around
6:00-7:00PM it depends on the weather in dry or wet season. At night time the monkeys never sleep on the ground they all sleep on the tree.

In short,The monkeys are tamed animals so sleep and eat very carefully.

Thanks you for your valuable time watching my videos.
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