Strange Animal Behavior That Will Leave You Confused

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We are certain every pet owner knows a situation when his pet starts acting weird, and you can’t understand what it could mean. For example, have you ever seen cats making weird sounds when they see an insect or a bird? Even vets cannot explain this phenomenon. But there is a theory: usually, animals start “talking” when they are separated from the prey by some obstacle - for example, a window - and this is how they express their disappointment.

One way or another, almost any animal can behave in a weird way. So today, you will find out why elephants silently stand over the body of a dead relative for a long time, and why ants partake in a death race. One more thing: if you are not subscribed to our channel yet, hit that subscribe button now not to miss any educational videos.

00:00 - Welcome!
00:54 - Capelin (Preview)
02:08 - Chimpanzee
03:36 - Oxpeckers
05:01 - Elephants
06:36 - Ants (Preview)
08:38 - Meerkats
09:23 - Tongue-eating louse
10:08 - Crabs
10:55 - Pistol shrimp
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